Dr.Zulqarnain Baloch
     South China Agricultural University,China
     Research Area: Biology, Microbiology


     Prof.Yuyuan Huang

     Zhongkai University of Agriculture and Engineering,China

     Research Area:

     Vegetation ecology, Forest ecology, Biodiversity, Urban ecology, 

     Plant Systematics and evolution

Fatimah Nursandi.jpg

      Dr.Fatimah Nursandi

      University Muhammadiyah of Malang,Indonesia

      Research Area:

      Horticulture science

1.png     Prof.Xiaodi Liu(刘孝弟教授)
     Beijing Aerospace Propulsion Institute, China(北京航天动力研究所)

     Research Area:
     Chemical Technology & Equipment
     Dr.Ke Li(李科博士)

     Institute of Chemical Industry of Forest  Products, China

     Research Area: 
     Biomass Energy and Materials                                                      
     Dr.Lei Sun(孙磊博士)
     China Petroleum Engineering Technology Research Co., Ltd, China

     Research Area: 
     Polymer Chemistry, Oilfield Chemicals        
     Senior  Engineer.Yunhong Yang (杨云洪高级工程师
     Taiyuan University of Technology, China(太原理工大学

     Research Area:
     Magnesium Fertilizer
     Magnesium Feed Additive
     Magnesium Food Additive
     Prof.Lanhe Zhang(张兰河教授
     Northeast Electrical Power University, China(东北电力大学)

     Research Area: 
     Biological Treatment Technology of Odor Gases
     Biological Nitrogen&Phosphorus Removal Technology
     Catalytic Ozonation Technology

6.png     Prof.Qing Wang(王擎教授)
     Northeast Electric Power University, China

     Research Area:
     Clean Coal Combustion Technology, Oil Shale, Biomass
1532921345676809.png     Dr.Liying Guo(郭立颖博士
     Shenyang University of Technology, China(沈阳工业大学

     Research Area:
     Polymer Materials, Chemical Engineering
1532921361376845.png     Dr.Zongyu Wang(汪宗御博士
     Dalian Maritime University, China(大连海事大学

     Research Area:
     Green Ship
9.png     A.Prof.Yanwei Cheng(程彦伟副教授)
     Luoyang Normal University, China(洛阳师范大学)

     Research Area:
     Plant Physiology, Biochemistry, Molecular Biology,Plant Genetics and Development,
     Plant Stress Resistance
1532921452400894.png     A.Prof.Zheng Fan(范峥副教授)
     Xi’an Shiyou University, China(西安石油大学)

     Research Area:
     Simulation Optimization, Corrosion Control, Technology of Oil and Gas Processing
1532921687639897.png     Prof.Liping Fan(樊立萍教授)
     Shenyang University of Chemical Technology, China(沈阳化工大学)

     Research Area:
     Optimal Control of Biochemical Processes
12.png     Prof.Weiquan Cai(蔡卫权教授)
     Guangzhou University, China(广州大学)

     Research Area:
     Preparation and Adsorption of Porous Metal Oxide, Catalytic Performance
1532921514926975.png     Prof.Yi Hu(胡燚教授)
     Nanjing Tech University, China(南京工业大学)

     Research Area:
     Enzyme Engineering, Green Synthetic Chemistry, Natural Products
14.jpg     A.prof.Jing Li(李婧副教授)
     Heilongjiang Bayi Agriculture University, China(黑龙江八一农垦大学)

     Research Area: Organic Synthesis; Functional Small Molecule
1532921548136419.jpg     Prof./ Vice-dean Lehe Mei(梅乐和教授/副院长)
     Zhejiang University(浙江大学)

     Research Area: Enzyme Engineering, Protein Engineering, Gene Engineering
16.jpg     Senior Engineer.YongTang(唐勇高级工程师)
     Guizhou Panjiang Mining Engineering Technology Center Co., Ltd(贵州盘江采矿工程技术中     心

     Research Area: New Technology and Technology Innovation, Energy Saving and Environmental      Protection Process Equipment

Dr.Yingying Zhao, Hebei University of Technology, China
Wenyi Deng, Donghua University, China

A.Prof.Panagiota Sergaki, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greek



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