Welcome Prof.Yuyuan Huang from Zhongkai University of Agriculture and Engineering,China to be committee member!

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Prof.Yuyuan Huang 

Zhongkai University of Agriculture and Engineering,China 

Research Area: 

Vegetation ecology, Forest ecology, Biodiversity, Urban ecology, Plant Systematics and evolution

Research Experience:

Jul.1982 graduated from Guangxi Agricultural College ( present name: Guangxi University ), obtained Bachelor’s Degree;

teacher, appoint at Guangxi Agricultural College, Sep.1985-Jan..1987, study in master graduate subject class of botany, 

Southwest Normal University ( present name: Southwest University ); Feb.1987- Aug.1995, lecture and associate professor;

Guangxi Agricultural University; Sep.1993-Jul.1996, study and graduated in Economics College, Guangxi University; 

Sep.1995-Dec.1998 Doctor postgraduate, School of Life Science, Sun Yat-sen University, graduated, obtained Ph.D. 

Degree; Jan.1999-Aug.2002, appoint at Guangxi University, professor, Director of Botany Teaching and Research Unit, 

leader of subject of botany, Sep. 2002 to now, appoint at Zhongkai University of Agriculture and Engineering, while take on apart of work of Guangxi University, postgraduate tutor of speciality of ecology and botany etc. review expert of  project of National Natural Science Foundation of China, Director of Cycad Branch Association, Botanical Society of China, Research Fellow of Chinese Society for Futures Studies, Director of council of Ecological economy, China; 

Director, Guangdong Ecological Society, Vice Chairman, The Committee of Urban Ecology, Guangdong Ecological 

Society, China; Member of Cycad Conservation Committee, the China Wild Plant Conservation Association. 

Jan, 2005, academic exchanges and research, Mexico National Ecological Institute, Mexico; 

July- Sep 2011, visiting scholar, George Brown Darwin Botanic Gardens, Darwin, and Charles Darwin University, Australia. 

Engaging researches of ecology, plant systematics and evolution. Taken charge of two and joined six research projects of National Natural Science Foundation of China, and taken charge of about 30 and joined more than 10 research projects of province, city and entrusted projects, obtained many important research achievements, obtained about 20 prizes, published 6 books and more than 160 papers.   

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