Welcome Dr.Zulqarnain Baloch fro​m South China Agricultural University,China to be committee member!

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Dr.Zulqarnain Baloch

South China Agricultural University,China

Research Area: Biology, Microbiology

Research Experience: My research is focused on molecular epidemic of infectious diseases in the world particularly China and Pakistan. I worked on Drug resistant bacteria, HPV, HBV, HCV, HIV, and Dengue virus, their mechanism of pathogenicity and development of animal models. I am particularly interested in developing animal models for different infectious and non-infectious diseases by using CRISPER/cas9 (knockout and Knock-in), base editor3 or 4 and Lenti-vector. By using such techniques, I am interested in basic collaborative research involving virus-host interactions in host pathogenesis, viral transmission, viral persistence, various immune responses and antiviral resistance associated with hepatitis B virus, AIDS, DENGUE virus and hepatitis C virus associated infections with national and international research institutes. I am also interested on application of CRISPER (knockout and Knock-in) and base editor3 or 4 (BE3 or 4) on treating genetic diseases. Beside infectious diseases, my one research group is also working on prevalence of drug resistant bacteria in clinical. His contribution in Molecular Biology especially molecular virology and animal model development has been recognized at home and abroad and his research work has been published in more than 33 peer reviewed research papers in International Science certified index based Journals with an overall impact factor of more than 95 of citation of 130 and 10 articles has been submitted in various peer reviewed research papers in International Science certified index based Journals. Dr. Zulqarnain Baloch and his group have also conduct research on introducing tree shrews, rats, rabbits and Cynomolgus Monkeys as potential animal model for infectious and non-infectious diseases.


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